Saturday, March 13, 10 a.m.

Presented by Bohan Ranch and Coast Ridge Community Forest

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**REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. We have reached maximum capacity and can no longer accept new participants. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please email Bohan Ranch at info@bohanranch.com. This presentation will be recorded and available afterwards on this site or at http://bohanranch.com.

WHY: The Walbridge and Meyers fires came too close to home last year and inflicted millions of dollars of losses in our community. These include burnt timber, smoke tainted wine grapes, wages, working capital for agriculturists, structures, and ecosystem degradation. These losses, in addition to the stress and difficulty involving free range livestock and domestic animal roundup, evacuations and careworn, displaced homeowners, are now a yearly strain and concern for our community.

As mega-fires rage throughout California annually, the negative economic and environmental impacts heavily burden our already struggling state, livelihoods, and the overall health and well-being of our citizens and environment.

What were the impacts of these two fires and the perceptions of our firefighting citizens and community regarding them? What can we as landowners do now to reduce fire fuels on our properties and on our evacuation routes?

We are hoping that this meeting will facilitate a collaboration of our unique, rural community, with citizen, local and state firefightersworking toward a common goal of fire pre-planning, fire organization and prevention.

WHO: Panel participants include, FRVFD Chief Steve Ginesi (retired), TCVFD Chief Erich Lynn, TCVFD Asst. Chief Dennis Meredith, CVFD Chief Steve Krausmann, CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Marshall Turbeville, and CAL FIRE Division Chief Ben Nicholls.

WHAT: A panel discussion of the 2020 Walbridge & Meyers fires regarding citizen concerns, including firefighting methods, future fire prevention, protection and organization within our rural community. Pre-posed community questions relating to these topics moderatedwith a time limited period for answers.

SHORT TALKS: Following the panel discussions, there will be two 20-minute presentations:

BATTALION CHIEF MARSHALL TURBEVILLE: Wildfire Preparedness: Things We Need to Do Before an Emergency.


WHERE: COVID-19 restrictions will determine if we meet live at Bohan Ranch or virtually via Zoom. Registration is now full. Once you are registered and COVID requirements are determined, you will receive an update with the meeting venue of either Bohan Ranch or Zoom.


Please submit your Walbridge or Meyers fires questions or comments for the panel in advance by visiting bohanranch.com and filling in the form. You will have the option of including your name or choosing anonymity. This will be a moderated discussion. If time allows, the floor will open to accept questions following the pre-written question portion.

Choose from the topics below that have been sent for the panel or contribute your own.

1. Firefighting methods

2. Losses from the fire

  • sense of wellbeing; fresh air, support, physical challenges/ trapped indoors in the heatwave because of smoke-filled skies, etc.
  • smoke-tainted crops, burnt timber
  • buildings/fences, including costs of replacement
  • wildlife, including animals and trees, pasture, vegetation
  • landscape, land value, destruction of old growth trees
  • income, wages

3. Rural citizen concerns from this fire or for fire/firefighting future

  • how is the protection of the above, relevant in the safety culture of fighting wildfires
  • pre-fire knowledge from outside entities /of rural livelihoods/ crops/livestock/homes
  • getting fires out early     
  • evacuation routes    
  • fire fuels cleanup, community/state parks

We very much hope to see you there!

Nikki Bohan, Bohan Ranch

Judy Rosales, Coast Ridge Community Forest

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