Contractor Q+A

New Information

Funds Increase Request

We have requested additional funds from the county due to a 35% increase in fuel prices from when we wrote the grant and the significant rise in insurance rates in just the past year. This isn’t a guarantee that more money will be available, just that add-on funds were requested. I will let you know when I hear back from our grant manager.

Proposal Deadline Update

The deadline for submitting your proposal has been moved to June 1st.

FAQ for Fort Ross Road Project

Do contractors need to additionally insure each participating landowner?

We are looking into this and will post the answer on Friday, 5/27

What do you mean by Project Methodology?

Explain your knowledge of the services identified in the scope of work and what tasks you will use to implement the services.

Do we need to submit a signed and notarized Non-collusion Affidavit with our bid proposal?


Do we need an encroachment permit and who files for the permit?

Yes, you need an encroachment permit that needs to be filed by the contractor, contrary to what it says in the bid packet. We were told when we started this project that one wasn’t necessary, but the person I spoke to at TPW wasn’t sure and didn’t know who needed to file it. He found the answers and relayed them to me.

Can we do our own flagging or do we need to hire a certified flagging company?

You don’t need to hire a traffic control company, but you need certified flaggers who can communicate with each other and must submit a traffic control plan. (Answer from TPW)

If there isn’t enough money to finish the job, as some costs will likely increase over time, will we still get paid for work completed?

Yes, you will invoice monthly and get paid on a net 30.

If contractors work together, can they submit individual bids, and if awarded, work under two separate contracts?

If two or more contractors collaborate on the project, each must specify in their bid proposal how they intend to work together to complete the project in the specified timeframe. A separate contract will be awarded to each contractor.

What were the two dates Matt mentioned in the meeting?

No work in riparian areas after October 15th. There is no work on the east end before August 15th  due to potential sensitive species.

How can I submit additional questions?

Please contact Project Manager Judy Rosales at 707-847-3944 or with your questions.