Grant Project: Shaded Fuel Break

***FUNDING AWARDED!*** We are delighted to share the news that we have received $423,000 from the Sonoma County Vegetation Management Grant! More details to come. 

We are applying for two major fuel reduction grants, and we need your support!

All of us who live in these beautiful hills know that there is a cost to living here. Our remote location and sparse population mean that we will likely always be the last area to receive critical fire-firefighting and evacuation resources during a large wildfire event.

However, our communities also know first-hand the power of working together to prevent disaster and keep our community thriving. Whether it’s our volunteer fire departments, neighbors sharing chippers and chain saws, neighborhood work parties, community grazing, or intrepid bulldozers creating a last-minute fire break to save our community, we know how to come together and get things done.

In that spirit, we are asking everyone who lives along Fort Ross Road, Bohan Dillon Road, Seaview Road, Blue Jay Rd, and priority ranch roads (see maps below) to sign on to help us get significant funding and resources to develop shaded fuel breaks on all listed roads. Signing on means you are saying yes, I want the shaded fuel break to happen along the stretch of road that goes through my property. It means that if we win this grant, we will let you know in advance of any work exactly what will be done (thinning, limbing up, chipping, masticating). It means you agree to participate in community maintenance of that fuel break once it’s been created, and we will organize community work days to help make sure that gets done.

shaded fuel break before and after.png

Please join us by filling out the form below, and then please forward this page to your neighbors in the area! We are hoping for 100% participation to show the grant funders how committed we are to making our community safer!

County of Sonoma Vegetation Management Grant Program Project for Fort Ross Road

Project Background: Fort Ross Road is a highly visible pilot area for the neighboring communities of Cazadero/Austin Creek to the east and Seaview Rd./Timber Cove to the north. Residents from these areas attended planning meetings for this project and have signed up for future planning efforts to implement similar projects in their communities. Fort Ross Road will serve as an example to other interested parties, including residents and the large number of tourists and cyclists that frequent the road.
Fort Ross Road is Phase I of a multi-tiered project, each tier designed to build on the other. It is the main access road of the five communities between Cazadero and Timber Cove (Cazadero, the subdivisions of Navarro Ranch, Gualala Ranch, Sea View Ranch, and the Timber Cove community.) Roadside clearance on this major route ties into the long-range planning efforts of the regional Sonoma Coast Collaborative.

Fort Ross Road Vegetation Types:

Gualala Ranch Priority Roads
Navarro Ranch Priority Roads
Seaview Ranch Priority Roads

Grant specifics:

The Coast Ridge Community Forest is seeking grant funding to construct fuels treatments along Fort Ross Road, Bohan Dillon Road, Seaview Road, Blue Jay Road, and priority private ranch roads. Treatment distances will be variable, depending on slope and relative geography (i.e. ridges and grasslands will have large breaks, near-watercourse/valleys will have smaller fuel breaks). The CRCF Fire Prevention Project is designed to reduce and modify vegetation along critical roads to provide better emergency responder access, evacuation routes, staging areas, and a location to reduce wildfire intensity and rate of spread. When completed the treated roads will become part of a shaded fuel break network comprising Muniz Ranches, Jenner Headlands Preserve, and Sonoma Land Trust’s Little Black Mountain and Pole Mountain. The project area (Cazadero) is designated a High Fire Severity Zone in the CAL FIRE FRAP Map and is designated as a Community at Risk by the California State Forester.

For more information about CalFire’s grant funding, please visit CalFire | Fire Prevention Grants

Download copies of our participation agreement below:

Participation Agreement for Landowners