Upcoming Community Meetings:

Modern Era Fire Behavior: What We Can Do Before the Next Fire

Presented by marshall turbeville

We are grateful to have CALFIRE LNU Battalion Chief Marshall Turbeville present to our community as we continue to create a more fire-resilient landscape.

Time: This Saturday 9/11, at 1pm

Location: Padmasambhava Peace Institute (PPI), 23125 Fort Ross Road, Cazadero

When you arrive: At the second building on the right after you drive in, there will be a shaded outdoor area, with room for up to 60 people to sit a little distanced.

Parking: Please drive past the central garden and park down at the end of the buildings, on the left. 

Seating: Bring a chair, or grab a folding chair from outside the conference room by the parking area.

Public bathroom: The bathroom is in the last building near the parking, with the door clearly marked. 

COVID protocols: It’s fine to walk around outside mask-free, but for the presentation since we may need to sit closer to each other, please wear a mask. A mask is also required for entering the bathroom.

Smoking on PPI property is not allowed. Please respect the privacy of guests in the orange house on the left as you drive in.


If you can’t join us, Marshall will give another presentation on Sunday, September 19, at 10 a.m. at the Timber Cove Fire Station, 30800 Seaview Road, Cazadero.