The Coast Ridge Community Forest is made up of residents of the Coastal Hills of western Sonoma County. Our community first came together in 1978 to restore our lands after the Creighton Ridge fire. Now we have been working together for 40 years, and we are growing and evolving to meet the challenges of our changing climate.

Our organization was founded in 2009 and we are growing to encompass members from the town of Cazadero up to Timber Cove and Salt Point, from Muniz Ranch to Seaview, Gualala to Navarro Ranches.

Your membership helps us find funding to protect our natural resources. We can help local landowners adapt to climate change by reducing fuel load, increasing rainwater storage, improving roads, and creating a healthier, more resilient environment. We have received grants for this work in the past and are currently applying for more. Join us so we can get more done by working together!

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