Welcome to the Coast Ridge Forest Council! We are a non-profit community forest organization of and for the coastal hills of western Sonoma County, taking an integrative approach to cooperative land management.

A safer Fort Ross Road starts today!

Work has begun on our Community Fuel Reduction Project, Clearing the Way for Safe Evacuation on Fort Ross Road. Plan for additional travel time, up to 15-30 minutes, as we have two crews working along different parts of the road. Work is scheduled Monday-Thursday, 6:30am-4:30pm, for the next six weeks.

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About us

After the Creighton Ridge fire burned 12,000 acres in 1978, the community recovered together by embarking on forest restoration and watershed enhancement programs. The Coast Ridge Forest Council (then known as the Coast Ridge Community Forest) was formed in 2007 to continue and expand these efforts in the region. Together, we are working to improve forest health, increase resiliency in the face of climate change, and reduce future impacts of wildfire in our rural communities.

The ever-present threat of wildfire is a major concern to our communities. Despite ongoing restoration and forest management efforts, fuel load remains excessive and at high risk of catastrophic wildfire. An association of public and private ownership, we have united on a collaborative effort to mitigate the threat of wildland fire across the region. We have teamed up with neighboring communities, CAL FIRE, and conservation organizations to begin a long-term vegetation management plan for modifying fuels on private and public lands. The group plans on using fuel modification methods including manual and mechanical fuel removal, targeted grazing and prescribed fire. These actions are aimed at not only reducing the threat of high intensity wildfire but also improving the ecological health across our collective properties.

Our fire prevention and education component builds on ongoing outreach and education activities. This program is designed to assist residents and property owners in reducing the threat of wildfire through:

The creation of the Fort Ross Service Area Community Wildfire Prevention Plan (CWPP)

Community workdays for roadside fuels removal

Vegetation management

Targeted grazing

and other fire mitigation techniques.

Taken together, these efforts are intended to reduce the probability of future fire establishment, intensity, and severity.

What We Do

The Coast Ridge Forest Council offers opportunities for involvement on a number of levels:


Workshops designed to increase awareness and promote land management strategies draw on the expertise of local landowners and speakers from both public and private sectors, including conservation, forest, and fire professionals, thereby building relationships and strengthening partnerships in our effort to improve forest health.

Community Grazing

Milleflora Farm’s Community Grazing Program is run by Demetra Markis and Dan Ginsburg. We graze our community grasslands in a volunteer effort to make our landscape safer and more wildfire-resilient, because we believe that living safely in a fire ecology can’t be done without collective action. To learn more about this effort and to contribute, please visit www.milleflorafarm.com/grazing/

Grant Application Assistance

The Coast Ridge Forest Council has partnered with Cal Fire and Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) in offering grant application assistance to landowners. This service helps landowners navigate the grant application process for the California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) and Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) services. For more information on these programs, visit Cal Fire CFIP and NRCS EQIP.

Field Tours

These tours are designed to inform participants about practical land management practices which are currently being used in the area. They are a great opportunity to network with other landowners, foresters, land managers, and natural resource professionals.


Your donations support us as we look for funding, for forest thinning, prescribed burning, grazing, water storage tanks and more. and get more done by working together. We can help local landowners by reducing fuel load, increasing rainwater storage, improving roads, and creating a healthier, more resilient environment. We have received grants for this work in the past and are currently applying for more. Join us so we can get more done by working together!

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Coast Ridge Forest Council is a 501(c)(3) registered public benefit nonprofit charitable corporation. Our EIN is 86-1349313.