Wildfire Prevention Project

CALFIre Wildfire Prevention: Evacuation Route and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

CRFC has been developing Phase II of the shaded fuel break project since 2018, and we are pleased to announce that our project was successfully awarded funding by CAL Fire (see: CAL FIRE Awards Nearly $118 Million in Local Wildfire Prevention Grants). This project increases the shaded fuel break work to include sections of essential ranch roads:

  • Bohan Dillon Road
  • Blue Jay Road
  • Muniz Ranch Road
  • Camper Creek Road
  • Brain Ridge Road
  • Sea View Ranch Road
  • Hazels Road

When completed, the treated roads will become part of a large shaded fuel break network including Muniz Ranches, Jenner Headlands Preserve, and Sonoma Land Trust’s Little Black Mountain and Pole Mountain.

Among the treatments being planned are shaded fuel breaks, targeted thinning and reduction of ladder fuels, and controlled burning and prescribed grazing where appropriate.

Are you a resident of one of the roads in our project area?

Work done on roads that go through private property is always done in collaboration with and by permission of landowners. Our Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Bushner, is ready to assist all landowners with the process of formally participating in our grant-funded hazardous fuels reduction.

Our project will be done by contracted professionals under the guidance of a registered professional forester; appropriate biological and cultural surveys will be undertaken prior to any work in order to ensure the safety and preservation of protected resources; and all work will be done following strict forest practice rules and with respect for the land, wildlife, habitat, and our community members.

Note: Specific work areas are still being determined and some roads may not be treated in their entirety.

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The Evacuation Route and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing GHG emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment– particularly in disadvantaged communities. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. California Climate Investments projects include affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, environmental restoration, more sustainable agriculture, recycling, and much more. At least 35 percent of these investments are located within and benefiting residents of disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households across California. For more information, visit the California Climate Investments website at: www.caclimateinvestments.ca.gov.

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