Current and Recent Grant Projects


Evacuation and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

Sonoma Coast Collaborative

Community Chipper Program


Fort Ross Road Fuels Reduction Project

Why seek grant funding for our community?

All of us who live in these beautiful hills know that there is a cost to living here. Our remote location and sparse population mean that we will likely always be the last area to receive critical fire-firefighting and evacuation resources during a large wildfire event.

Photo of the 2020 Meyers Grade fire by John Hubiak

However, our communities also know first-hand the power of working together to prevent disaster and keep our community thriving. Whether it’s our volunteer fire departments, neighbors sharing chippers and chain saws, neighborhood work parties, community grazing, or intrepid bulldozers creating a last-minute fire break to save our community, we know how to come together and get things done.

We also know that the work needs more than just what volunteers can provide. To create large-scale resilience for our community, we need funding to hire professional work crews to do shaded fuel-break projects that serve large areas over multiple properties, projects that are designed and coordinated by the people who live here, and who understand the needs and talents of our community.

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