Fort Ross Road Project

October 2022 Update: We are pleased to announce that work on Phase 1 of our Community Fuel Reduction Project, Clearing Way for a Safe Evacuation on Fort Ross Road, has been completed!

Thank you so much for being so gracious with our crews on the road!

We would like to thank our landowner partners for their support of this project and their willingness to work with us through the sometimes tedious but necessary steps we take to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being throughout the work. We could not do this important work without so many of you participating- thank you for your trust and your support!

And, thank you to our fantastic local contractors and crews– many of whom contributed their time beyond the project hours to attend community meetings, project orientations, and detailed discussions to ensure the utmost care was taken with regard to our environmental and cultural stewardship responsibilities. We are so proud and grateful to live in a community with so many talented and skilled people!

And of course, we deeply appreciate the Sonoma County Vegetation Management Program for funding this critical project for our community. Thank you!
Fort Ross Road project: Phase one Complete!

About This Project: The CRFC Fort Ross Road Fuels Reduction Project was funded by the Sonoma County Vegetation Management Program, and will work to create a shaded fuel break along Fort Ross Road. The purpose is to improve the safety of ranch roadways in the event of an approaching wildfire, improving vegetation clearance to aid in evacuation for residents and better access for first responders and emergency vehicles. Our Executive Director Judy Rosales began working on the grant proposal in 2018 with support from our board and partners. The completed proposal was submitted for consideration in 2020, was awarded funding in 2021, and work was completed on Phase 1 of this project in September 2022.

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