Grant Funded Projects

July 2022 Update: We are pleased to announce that work on our Community Fuel Reduction Project, Clearing Way for a Safe Evacuation on Fort Ross Road, has begun! Timber Cove Excavating and Charles Hope Construction are working on Fort Ross Road just east of Niestrath, and Brown Tree Service is near Danoha working west.

Work will be conducted Mondays-Thursdays for the next six weeks, starting at 6:30am and finishing up around 4:30pm each day. To ensure this project moves quickly, we have two crews working simultaneously in separate areas, so please give yourself an extra 15-30 minutes to get through Fort Ross Road depending on your route and destination. Updates on approximate location will be posted to the Coastal Hills Community Project bulletin regularly (visit the CHCP Info Page to subscribe). Our crews are local, so give them a wave, drive safely, and thank you for your patience!

Why seek grant funding for our community?

All of us who live in these beautiful hills know that there is a cost to living here. Our remote location and sparse population mean that we will likely always be the last area to receive critical fire-firefighting and evacuation resources during a large wildfire event.

However, our communities also know first-hand the power of working together to prevent disaster and keep our community thriving. Whether it’s our volunteer fire departments, neighbors sharing chippers and chain saws, neighborhood work parties, community grazing, or intrepid bulldozers creating a last-minute fire break to save our community, we know how to come together and get things done.

We also know that the work needs more than just what volunteers can provide. To create large-scale resilience for our community, we need funding to hire professional work crews to do shaded fuel-break projects that serve large areas over multiple properties, projects that are designed and coordinated by the people who live here, and who understand the needs and talents of our community.

Current and proposed grants

Current: Fort Ross Road project: funded and in progress!

About This Project: The CRFC Fort Ross Road Fuels Reduction Project was funded by the Sonoma County Vegetation Management Program, and will work to create a shaded fuel break along Fort Ross Road. The purpose is to improve the safety of ranch roadways in the event of an approaching wildfire, improving vegetation clearance to aid in evacuation for residents and better access for first responders and emergency vehicles. Our Executive Director Judy Rosales began working on the grant proposal in 2018 with support from our board and partners. The completed proposal was submitted for consideration in 2020, was awarded funding in 2021, and has been in progress since. Environmental reviews are in process and work began Fort Ross Road in July 2022, with a projected completion date of December 2022.

COMING SOON: Cal Fire Wildfire Prevention Evacuation Route and Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project

About This Project: CRFC has been developing Phase II of the shaded fuel break project since 2018, and we are pleased to announce that our project was successfully awarded funding by CAL Fire (see CAL FIRE Awards Nearly $118 Million in Local Wildfire Prevention Grants). This project increases the shaded fuel break work to include sections of Bohan Dillon Road, Blue Jay Road, Muniz Ranch Road, Camper Creek Road, Brain Ridge Road, Sea View Ranch Road, and Hazels Road. When completed, the treated roads will become part of a large shaded fuel break network including Muniz Ranches, Jenner Headlands Preserve, and Sonoma Land Trust’s Little Black Mountain and Pole Mountain.

We are asking everyone who lives along these roads to sign on to show support for developing shaded fuel breaks on all listed roads. Signing on means you are saying yes, I want the shaded fuel break to happen along the stretch of road that goes through my property. We will let you know in advance of any work exactly what will be done (thinning, limbing up, chipping, masticating) and you will have the opportunity to review liability and insurance agreements provided by our contracted partners.

Please join us by filling out the form below, and then please forward this page to your neighbors in the area! We are hoping for 100% participation to show our funders how committed we are to making our community safer!

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