CRFC Chipper Program

The CRFC Chipper, funded in part by the County of Sonoma Vegetation Management Grant Program

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Charles Hope Construction to bring our chipper out into the community. Purchased with a grant from the County of Sonoma Vegetation Management Grant Program, the chipper will serve community groups as well as individual landowners.


Community Use: The Community Chipper program is intended to help reduce vegetation along access routes in the communities and subdivided ranches along Fort Ross Road. The chipper is available for community groups working on mutual access roads on a reduced cost or free basis. Groups are responsible for cutting, gathering, and piling vegetation, and should plan to be available to bring materials to the chipper on the day of chipping.

To donate to our community chipper fund, please visit Paypal to donate to the CRFC Community Chipper Fund. 100% of funds collected for our Chipper Fund go to offsetting the costs of chipper use for local groups.

Individual Use: The chipper is also available for rental at cost to private property owners within our service area along Fort Ross Road. Costs will average $400 for a 6-hour day and include the towing to and from the site, insurance, state fees, fuel and an insured chipper operator. Users will be expected to provide labor for bringing material to chipper during the rental period.

Pile requirements:

Please stack piles of material with the butt ends facing the access road, ideally at an angle so they can be easily pulled into the chipper, which will be on the trailer behind the truck. Materials should be fresh (within two weeks of cutting) and ideally no more than 8″ in diameter. Branches can be any length as long as they are not too heavy for one person to lift; if so, please cut them shorter. Piles should be no more than 4′ high, but can be as long as you want. Absolutely NO POISON OAK, NO SCOTCH BROOM, NO ROCKS. Thank you!

Chipper access:

Materials should be located along the road or driveway, and must be accessible by a large pickup truck with an attached trailer, about 26′ long. The closer the chipper can get to the piles, the more you will be able to get chipped during your rental period.

How to Schedule Chipper Time:

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange a time. Private rentals will pay Charles Hope Construction directly for chipper use. Community funds provided by CRFC are available on a first-come first-served basis, though we are actively, continually fundraising as well as seeking ongoing grant funding to subsidize free chipper use for local groups on a long-term basis.

Click HERE for Chipper Schedule Request Form (Opens in new page)