Who We Are

The Coast Ridge Community Forest is a group of private and public land owners who are taking a community-based approach to manage their natural resources effectively.

The current efforts focus on a community-wide approach to address the following issues:

  • Assist landowners in the development of forest management plans
  • Acquire funding to offset costs of implementing forest management activities including:
    • Rainwater catchment and storage for agricultural use and fighting fires
    • Fuel load reduction to reduce catastrophic risks from wildfires
  • Help facilitate the formation of a cooperative grazing program

The Coast Ridge Community Forest, established in 2009, is comprised of 43 landowners totaling 3005 acres. This unique model offers landowners a cooperative approach to adaptive forest management that strengthens the community while protecting and enhancing their local forest ecosystems.

The Coast Ridge Community Forest hopes to keep expanding its opportunities by providing community involvement on a number of levels, and by continuing to strengthen the connections between its partners, the land and its people.